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The top performers in our fax software review are Nextiva Fax, the Gold Award winner; MetroFax, the Silver Award winner; and MyFax, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing a software to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of these 10 software.

As more and more documents are shared electronically instead of hard copies, it is easy to assume that faxing has become outdated in the modern office. However, there are cases where faxing documents is still required. For example, the banking, health care and legal industries still require faxed documents for signatures and security purposes. With fax software, you can fax from your computer and do not need a traditional fax machine.

Each fax software on our lineup allows you to send and receive faxes from an online portal, and some provide a designated app for your mobile device or tablet. These services give you the flexibility to send and receive faxes without having to go back to the office or rely on a single machine.

If you are not ready to break from hard copy faxes, we suggest viewing our document scanners review and our all-in-one printers review, which have faxing abilities.

Best Options for Sending a Fax From a Computer

When you add up the cost of ink, paper, a dedicated phone line and the space and energy a fax machine takes up, it is easy to see that hard copy faxes take up valuable resources in your office. Furthermore, the more faxes you send, the more it costs you, especially if you are using an industrial, multipurpose machine.

Fax Software Monthly Costs
The best fax software on our lineup charge low monthly fees. The average monthly fee is about $10; however, TrustFax, at $7 a month, has the lowest monthly cost on our lineup. Most fax software on the lineup do not charge setup fees, so there are little to no initial starting costs.

While the software on the lineup have low base costs, many place limits on the amount of faxes you can send each month and charge overage fees for sending and receiving faxes above this limit.

If you regularly are charged overage fees, it is important that a software give you the option to upgrade to a higher monthly package. Even though these packages cost more, by upgrading a package with more allotted faxes per month, you will save your small business money and avoid paying overage fees.

Designated Number for Fax to Email Software
Many of the email to fax software we evaluated assign you a designated number. While most companies assign you a toll-free number, not every software on our lineup offers this feature as standard. For example, GreenFax has two subscription options. The first does not provide a toll-free line, while the other does. These plans are the same price; however, if you chose the plan that offers a toll-free number, your allotted number of faxes per month is reduced.

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Business Fax Software: What We Tested, What We Found

The overall value of fax software is made up of a few things, including the amount of pages you can send and receive, monthly costs and fees, and available features for sending and receiving faxes. While many factors may go into the fax software you chose, we determined these factors to be the most important.

Page Allowance & Usage
Some software gives you one total number for both sending and receiving faxes; for example, MetroFax allows a total of 500 pages per month to be used for either sending or receiving, whatever your business needs are. Other companies split your total number into specific receiving and sending allotments. For example, MaxEmail allows you to receive 250 faxes and send 100 pages before charging overage fees.

We gave higher credit to software that allows you to use your page allotment for both sending and receiving instead of limiting you to separate amounts.

Uncommon Features
In our evaluation of fax software, we looked for features that are useful for small business owners but not commonly offered with fax to email software. Many companies limit the length of time you can store received faxes; eFax, however, has no time limit.

Another uncommon feature we evaluated is the ability to block certain senders. This feature helps you limit junk faxes, which use up your allotted page count. This tool is invaluable if you find you are bombarded with junk or unsolicited faxes.

The last uncommon feature we evaluated is scheduled delivery. This tool allows you to schedule faxes to be sent at a later time and is especially useful if you are sending faxes to international lines.

Ease of Use
Another important feature of PC fax software we tested is how intuitive a software is when using; these tests included how easy it is to set up an account, log in and use the online portal. Software that made it easy to navigate and send and receive faxes received the highest scores on our lineup.

Software with a steep learning curve received lower scores. While these software still effectively send and receive faxes, they are harder to run and take longer to set up before you can begin using them.

Customer Support
The final thing we tested when evaluating fax software was the customer service provided by each company. To test customer service, we contacted each company via email and over the phone. We asked support personnel several questions about the service. Surprisingly, many companies provided more detailed support through email than over the phone; some companies even responded within an hour of our sending emails. Our top fax software, Nextiva, scored exceptionally high in customer support due to support's quick and thorough responses to our inquiries.

When choosing fax software, it is important to select a software with features that are most important to you and your business, while also considering the factors we have outlined above.

Our Verdict & Recommendations

Even though most offices do not have fax machines, there are still plenty of faxes being sent through faxing software. In our evaluation, we found Nextiva vFax, MetroFax and MyFax to be the best fax software platforms. These services outperformed the completion due to the software ease of use, exceptional customer service and uncommon features offered.

While Sfax falls near the end of the matrix, we found this software was especially useful for medical facilities. Its features were designed with the strict rules and regulations of HIPAA in mind. These features ensure your documents remain protected and your information secure. For these reasons, Sfax is our top choice for the medical industry.

In general, using fax to email software can save your company money and resources, while providing valuable faxing service for your company's needs.