PROS / eFax supports iPhone and Android mobile faxing and can send files that are too large to send by email.

CONS / The monthly and overage fees are higher than with most internet fax services.

VERDICT / Although eFax costs a bit more than other internet faxing services, it offers essential features that make faxing convenient, simple and efficient.

eFax is one of the best fax software for small businesses and offices. The service does not offer as much bang for your buck as comparable services do; however, its versatile functionality and user friendliness make it a strong competitor in this saturated market.

This internet fax software provides two plans to choose from: eFax Plus and eFax Pro. The Plus plan provides 150 incoming faxes and 150 outgoing faxes per month, while the Pro plan gives you 200 of each. The service charges 10 cents per page sent or received over your faxing limit, which is more than some of the other fax software services on our lineup. 

You have the option to sign up for either plan on a monthly or annual basis; you receive a discount if you sign up for the annual membership. The service provides both local and toll-free numbers and international faxing in more than 40 countries. For large corporations or users with heavy needs in faxing from computers, eFax provides a large-scale enterprise version.

Using eFax, you can send faxes from your computer by email, internet or mobile phone. When you use the email option, the service integrates into your mail client, namely Microsoft Outlook, and sends and receives faxes as email attachments. You can send faxes from up to five email addresses using a single account. To use the online version, you upload the files you want to send and then fax them from the online portal.

The mobile version utilizes the cameras on the iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices to send faxes. With the mobile apps, you simply take a picture of the fax document and fax it as an image file. Alternatively, you can attach a file to a mobile fax and send it that way. The mobile apps for iPhone and Android phones and tablets are free to account holders and allow you to manage faxes on the go.

eFax includes standout features, such as digital signatures, large file sharing, unlimited storage and a secure fax option. The digital signature tool allows you to create a digital signature that you simply drag and drop into documents. This means that you can reduce your paper waste by never having to print documents to sign them. If you utilize the eFax Secure option, it encrypts the fax using 128-bit encryption and requires a login to access. This is safer than using the email send option.

If you need assistance, you can contact eFax through email or phone support. In our tests, representatives were knowledgeable and quickly responded to our requests.


eFax isn't the most cost-effective or best fax service we reviewed, charging more per month for a smaller faxing limit than many competitors. If you send a high volume of faxes each month, you may want to consider the company's enterprise version. eFax delivers a number of features that make it an appealing option, including mobile apps and flexible access options.